The Gentle Atmosphere of an Old Tudor-Style Cottage with an Incredible English Garden

The Gentle Atmosphere of an Old Tudor-Style Cottage with an Incredible English Garden

In this house, the owner has created a unique ambiance filled with floral patterns, English motifs, tenderness, and romance. The extraordinary fairy tale transformation has also touched the surrounding property, turning it into a true English cottage garden with beautiful roses.

About 20 years ago, Cindy, along with her husband and children, decided to move to California. After the move, the family was in search of their new home.

One day, after another viewing, they drove past a beautiful brick house with a spacious yard. Cindy stopped to take a closer look at the house she liked. It was clearly uninhabited, as evidenced by the neglected and overgrown plot, but unfortunately, at that time, it was not for sale.

Without hesitation, Cindy immediately scheduled a meeting with a realtor to arrange a property viewing. Despite its neglected state, upon entering the house, she was once again convinced that it should belong to their family.

Soon, the spouses signed the deal papers and began arranging the cottage.

This brick cottage was built in 1936 by a local mason in the fashionable Tudor style of the time.

To begin, Cindy and her husband started clearing the plot and ordered wrought iron fencing for the old brick fence, which was intended to create a more secluded atmosphere for the house. During the earthworks, Cindy managed to plant several rose seedlings and shrubs, allowing them to grow a bit while renovations were underway before starting to create the enchanting garden.

Since childhood, Cindy had dreamed of having her own home where she could create a gentle atmosphere with beautiful porcelain dishes, lace tablecloths and curtains, floral patterns, and an abundance of soft pillows.

She remembered her long-standing dream after purchasing this cottage because she didn’t want to see a modern mundane style here. Instead, she wanted to create an atmosphere that was faded but fashionable and timeless, where individuality was fully present.

Cindy underwent interior design training and completed landscaping courses that would help her create the home of her dreams. And when the renovation work was completed, she wholeheartedly embarked on the long-awaited stage of decorating the interior in her chosen Shabby Chic style.

After setting up the house, Cindy focused on decoration, paying attention to details that helped accentuate the theme of the interior and breathe more life and individuality into the living space. She crafted some small items by hand, while others were found at flea markets.

In her blog, Cindy confesses that during the interior design process, she drew inspiration from the works of Rachel Ashwell, considered the creator of the Shabby Chic style.

Before creating the garden, Cindy carefully developed a landscape design project, with climbing roses and boxwoods being the main focal points.

Around the house, the couple laid a pathway of large natural stones, framed by low-growing plants and vibrant perennials.

Cindy shares her experience and methods of growing roses in her internet blog, discussing the challenges of maintaining a garden that takes up a lot of her time. However, she loves gardening so much that this labor brings her incomparable pleasure and emotional balance.


Nhat Dang