The Inspiring Journey of an Elderly Dog’s Fight Against Bone Cancer Amidst Neglect

The Inspiring Journey of an Elderly Dog’s Fight Against Bone Cancer Amidst Neglect

On September 22, GWARP received a distressing report about an elderly dog that was chained up and deprived of water and food despite being gravely ill. With years of experience in animal rescue, GWARP was shocked by the severity of the situation.

The dog appeared to be suffering from bone cancer, a condition that had been left untreated. Living on a short chain for many years, the dog survived on scraps and leftovers, resulting in malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies that led to osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer.

The veterinarian confirmed that this form of cancer typically arises from significant damage and infection that develops into a tumor. Unfortunately, the person who reported the case had witnessed the dog being brutally beaten by its intoxicated owner. For years, the dog had been confined to a small yard, unable to move more than a couple of feet due to the short metal chain.

When the GWARP rescue team requested to save the dog, the owner refused, claiming that the dog was his property and could not be taken away. Seeking assistance, GWARP involved the local police in the situation.

“After we left and spoke to the police, the dog seemed to almost sob. After a few hours, we managed to provide the owner with the necessary paperwork, and he changed his mind. He said we could take the dog but threatened to report us,” recounted a GWARP team member.

Recognizing the urgent need for medical attention, the dog required immediate medical checks, blood tests, and amputation due to the severity of its condition. Tissue samples were sent for histology to determine the extent of the cancer. The road to recovery would be long and challenging.

X-rays revealed the presence of osteosarcoma, a severe form of bone cancer. Thankfully, there were no signs of metastases in the lungs, indicating a slim chance of survival. However, the tumor was rapidly growing, causing the skin to tear due to its aggressive nature. Every passing day saw its growth intensify.

Jordan, as the dog came to be known, received a soothing bath to wash away the remnants of its traumatic past and cleanse its energy from the previous owner.

“The unfortunate reality is that nothing more can be done for Jordan in Azerbaijan; he needs to regain some strength before being transported to Turkey. His travel date is just a few days away.”

Upon arrival in Istanbul, Jordan was briefly sedated to undergo full-body X-rays before undergoing surgery.

The amputation surgery to remove Jordan’s cancer-ridden limb was successful, and the dog emerged from the procedure without the tumor. Everything went smoothly.

Three days after the amputation surgery, Jordan showed remarkable adaptability, quickly adjusting to his new life. His appetite returned, and he began relishing the food provided by his caregivers.

Let us continue to send our well wishes for Jordan’s swift recovery and a long, fulfilling life ahead. We all love you, Jordan.

Nghia Pham