The Little Log Cabin with Second Light – An Ideal Option for a Country Retreat

The Little Log Cabin with Second Light – An Ideal Option for a Country Retreat

This rustic little log cabin is nestled among tall pine trees on the shores of Lake Tahoe. It was built in 1929 in a small resort village on the Nevada side of the lake.

Despite its recent construction, this small “izbushka” looks as if it has been standing for many years. The cabin is equipped with modern electrical wiring and appliances to ensure comfort and safety.

Living in a beautiful, historically rich home doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing modern comforts.

The bear on the couch adds a touch of self-irony. I appreciate such humor, but I’m not a fan of real taxidermy in interior design.

The house has a total area of 44 square meters on the main floor, with a loft space beneath the roof accessible via a staircase. The bedroom is located on the second level above the kitchen (accessible through a door beneath the stairs), and the bathroom is situated to the left of the entrance.

A clever design choice is the use of large branch stems to conceal unsightly gaps or traces of mounting foam between the logs. Sometimes, visible jute or mooring lines are used for this purpose, while in other cases, sealants and ropes are employed. In the past, moss was even used, which added a unique charm, although it wasn’t particularly hygienic.

Unlike many modern log cabins that incorporate timber materials (boards and beams of various thicknesses), this house is constructed entirely from logs. Not only are the walls made of logs, but the roof is as well.


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Nhat Dang