The Most Beautiful Birds in the World That Are Not Taught in School

The Most Beautiful Birds in the World That Are Not Taught in School

In this article, we invite you to explore several beautiful birds whose existence you may not have even guessed. We will look at photographs and learn about where they inhabit, their lifestyles, and what makes them interesting to both ordinary people and scientists.

Secretary Bird
You may have already heard of this bird, so let’s start with it and end with a truly little-known creature. These birds resemble storks with short bills. They are named after the few black feathers on their heads, which resemble the quill pens that court secretaries used to insert in their wigs. It is believed that these feathers are used to attract mates during the breeding season. Secretary birds are usually found in Africa and spend most of their time on the ground, although they are capable of flying. Another remarkable feature of these creatures is that once they find a partner, they stay together for life. Combined with their beautiful appearance and behavior, secretary birds are truly charming creatures!

Long-tailed Tit
These creatures also have a very cute appearance. Long-tailed tits inhabit most of Eurasia and can even be found in Siberia. They are very small in size, weighing only about 9 grams. They have fluffy feathers and a long tail, which gives them extraordinary beauty. They usually inhabit deciduous and mixed forests or urban parks. Like many members of the passerine order, these tits feed on insects. All these characteristics make them look like little snowballs.

Crowned Pigeon
In cities, you usually find ordinary gray pigeons that are not particularly remarkable. White pigeons are often used at weddings, although they are no longer perceived as something unusual. However, on the territory of New Guinea, there are crowned pigeons that seem to wear a crown on their heads. They have a body length of about 80 centimeters and weigh up to 2.5 kilograms. These creatures have a slow walking pace. They are very peaceful in nature and mainly feed on berries, fruits, and seeds. They search for food in the forest litter but do so with great respect for the environment, avoiding disturbing the soil.

Crested Pigeon
In our list of the most beautiful birds, there is another pigeon known as the crested pigeon. These creatures inhabit the Nicobar and Andaman Islands, specifically in the jungles where there are no predators. The length of their bodies is about 40 centimeters, and their most beautiful feature is their wings, which shimmer with different rainbow colors. This species of pigeon is not a strong flyer, so it feeds only on seeds and fruits of plants. However, they are sometimes observed feeding on small invertebrates.

Dracula Parrot
Lastly, let’s talk about the Dracula Parrot, also known as the Pesquet’s Parrot. Parrots themselves are considered some of the most beautiful birds on our planet, but this species is unique in its own way. These birds are found only in New Guinea and grow up to a length of 50 centimeters. The upper part of their bodies is usually black, while the lower part is bright red, as if blood is flowing over their bodies. Dracula Parrots usually live in tropical forests and feed on fruits. Like many other members of their family, they live in pairs and do not leave their partner throughout their lives.

Unfortunately, many of these birds are on the brink of extinction. Other feathered creatures are also threatened with disappearance, especially in North America and Canada.

Nhat Dang