The Tale of Buddy: The Cow That Thought It Was a Dog

The Tale of Buddy: The Cow That Thought It Was a Dog

Imagine a heartwarming story where a young orphan cow finds an unexpected family in a pack of dogs. Meet Buddy, an adorable cow who was adopted by Coral and Wayne Algie when he was just one day old. From that moment on, Buddy grew up under the care and guidance of the Algie family’s dogs, gradually coming to believe that he, too, was a dog. Whenever Buddy felt excited, he wagged his tail just like a domesticated canine. It’s worth noting that Buddy’s mother tragically passed away after being trapped in a dam near the Algie couple’s farm in New South Wales, Australia.

The Algie couple welcomed Buddy into their home, alongside their dogs, when their mother dog, Bada, had recently given birth to a litter of 11 puppies. Currently six weeks old, Buddy displays many dog-like behaviors, such as playing catch with his siblings, wagging his tail in delight, and snuggling up with them during sleep.

Coral shared, “Bada truly considered Buddy her 12th puppy, and even Buddy didn’t realize he was a cow. I always thought he was much more like a dog. Buddy loves playing with both humans and dogs. And the care that Bada provides to this orphan calf is so incredible that she is often beside Buddy.”

Wayne and Coral stumbled upon Buddy while attempting to rescue his mother from the nearby dam. Unfortunately, despite their efforts, she was exhausted and passed away shortly after escaping.

Since being adopted by the couple, Buddy has quickly adapted to life on the farm. The cow frequently engages with the Algie family’s children, Bella and Lawson. “Buddy is very affectionate; he often chases and rides bicycles with the children,” said Coral.

Although Buddy is part of the dog family, there’s no denying that he is, indeed, a cow. His body continues to grow larger, necessitating him sleeping on the porch. Buddy consumes 10 and a half liters of fresh milk daily, and when fully mature, he can weigh up to 600 kg. However, the Algie couple expressed their commitment to treating Buddy as a cherished pet in their home, regardless of his “oversized” stature.

Nghia Pham