These Animals Look Like They’re Fom Another Planet

The animal world on our planet amazes us with its diversity of species. Nature has created not only truly beautiful animals but also ones whose existence is hard to believe. Let’s take a look at some amazing creatures that don’t resemble earthly inhabitants at all.

A very long-eared insect

It looks like it’s exploring the surface of the Moon. The photo depicts a giant isopod, a subspecies of crustaceans called Bathynomus

And here’s the very animal that became the prototype for the well-known character “Luntik” – an albino axolotl

A menacing and peculiar flying fox, a type of tube-nosed fruit bat

An unusual mole found in North America – the star-nosed mole. It could easily embark on an intergalactic journey

Aquatic parasites with their unique appearance – lampreys

Another strange aquatic inhabitant – the blue angel mollusk

A rare family of insects called Fulgoroidea. They use wax threads for defense against enemies

Incredible pangolins. Thanks to their body structure, these animals blend well into their surroundings, skillfully rolling into a ball

The bug-eyed fish that is shocked by its own kind – the moray eel

The South American harpy eagle looks like an alien owl

Just look at that gaze. The amazing lemur with eye-like markings

Many people feel uneasy when they see this photo – it’s a giant centipede. Unfortunately, this unpleasant creature inhabits our planet


Nhat Dang