This Endearing Kangaroo Finds Joy in Lounging on the Couch with His Dad

This Endearing Kangaroo Finds Joy in Lounging on the Couch with His Dad

When the thought of kangaroos comes to mind, one doesn’t typically envision them relaxing on a couch. Kangaroos are known to be wild creatures who thrive in the great outdoors.

However, we recently discovered a truly remarkable kangaroo who adores being a couch potato just as much, if not more, than humans do. His name is Rufus, and that couch is unequivocally his domain.

Residing in Australia, Rufus was rescued as a joey when he was only eight months old. Now, at the age of four, his distinct personality shines through.

Kym and Neil Haywood, the compassionate individuals who took in this abandoned joey, are the proud caretakers of the Pumpkin Patch Kangaroo Sanctuary, located in Port Lincoln, South Australia.

In the early days of Rufus’s adoption, Kym and Neil noticed that he differed from the other kangaroos they had fostered before. He found solace and companionship in the presence of humans.

Before long, Rufus discovered the sheer delight of lounging on an exceedingly comfortable couch. Kym shared that the moment Rufus realized he could jump onto the couch, he seized every opportunity to unwind upon it.

With his head hanging off to the side, Rufus would recline and indulge in blissful slumber for as long as he pleased. While the other rescued kangaroos at the sanctuary wholeheartedly embraced the outdoors, Rufus proved to be an exceptional case.

Being unable to fully adapt to the wild, Rufus was given a dog bed outside, where he could observe the other kangaroos engaging in their quintessential kangaroo activities. However, every day at 5:30 PM, Rufus eagerly awaited by the back door to be let inside.

The moment the door swung open, the kangaroo hopped onto his beloved couch with uncontainable joy, relishing a few hours of much-needed sleep. Occasionally, he would even invite Neil to join him in his respite.

Rufus is unlike any other kangaroo you have ever encountered.

His favorite pastime is snuggling up for a nap with his dad.

Even while dozing, he maintains his irresistible charm, unwilling to compromise his couch privileges.

Upon waking up from a nap, this kangaroo is already anticipating the next one.

“Stop taking pictures when I’m about to sleep!”

“Alright, you can take pictures if you rub my belly.”


After a tiring day of being an outdoor kangaroo, Rufus eagerly embraces his nightly couch routine.

Oh, so sleepy.

When Rufus isn’t deep in slumber on the couch, he doesn’t mind if his parents watch a bit of TV. He remains on the couch from 5 PM until his parents retire to bed around 10 PM.

“I’m calling it a night!”

Rufus has now secured everlasting rights to the comfortable cushions. Kym and Neil don’t mind that their rescued kangaroo has wholeheartedly claimed the sofa as his own.

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