Unafraid to Critique Ronaldo, Greenwood’s Path to Arabia Appears Blocked

Unafraid to Critique Ronaldo, Greenwood’s Path to Arabia Appears Blocked

Amidst rumors of Manchester United’s Mason Greenwood seeking a new club after parting ways with MU, a potential move to the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia, seems unlikely due to past conflicts with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Reports from The Sun indicate that while several Middle Eastern clubs have shown interest in Greenwood, his previous public disagreements with Ronaldo have significantly narrowed his potential options.

Specifically, during Ronaldo’s tenure at Real Madrid, Greenwood publicly declared that Ronaldo’s career was “over.” However, this statement by the 21-year-old striker proved to be far from accurate. Ronaldo’s subsequent performances with Juventus and later with Manchester United showcased his continued excellence and skill, contradicting Greenwood’s assertion.

Ronaldo’s subsequent achievements highlighted the lack of maturity in Greenwood’s previous comments. Ronaldo reportedly took offense at Greenwood’s remarks, with sources stating, “Ronaldo is known for his fiery temperament, and he was genuinely irritated by Greenwood’s statement. Ronaldo had valid reasons to respond, especially when comparing his accomplishments to those of a teenager.”

The discord between Greenwood and Ronaldo extended further, becoming evident during Ronaldo’s return to Old Trafford. The two players appeared to struggle to gel on the field, and Greenwood expressed frustration over his reduced playing time due to Ronaldo’s presence.

Given the strained relationship between Greenwood and Ronaldo, a potential move to Saudi Arabia now seems improbable. The source also highlighted that Ronaldo enjoys a revered status in Saudi Arabia, often engaging in interactions, dining, and attending significant events alongside members of the Saudi Royal Family, lending his words substantial weight.

As a result, Greenwood would likely need to explore more viable alternatives instead of pursuing a move to the Arab region. Manchester United has reportedly pledged to assist Greenwood in finding the best possible environment to rejuvenate his career.

Nghia Pham