Unusual Birth: Baby Born with Four Legs and Three Arms in India Creates Sensation

Unusual Birth: Baby Born with Four Legs and Three Arms in India Creates Sensation

In a surprising turn of events, an image of a baby girl born with four legs and three arms in India has gone viral, capturing the attention of people worldwide. Medical experts speculate that the child was originally part of a set of triplets, with two of them fusing together during pregnancy.

The 24-year-old mother, Mum Raju, gave birth to the twins at a government hospital in Tok, Rajasthan, on Friday. While the baby is reported to be in good health, she was born with an extra set of legs and hands that covered her chest and abdomen.

Medical professionals believe that the additional limbs could be surgically removed. Dr. Rohitesh Meena, the surgeon who delivered the babies, stated, “Raju gave birth to the twins naturally at 2:46 a.m. The male child is healthy, but the female is a case of conjoined twins. She had a minor respiratory issue, but we have removed the oxygen support, and her vital signs are stable. We will refer her to an advanced hospital in Jaipur for further treatment and pediatric surgery. The mother and the male child are stable.”

Raju and her husband, Badhulal Gurjar, a laborer, were eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first child. The illiterate couple had not undergone any ultrasound examinations during the pregnancy and were unaware of Raju’s condition.

“They were distressed after the birth of the girl,” added Dr. Meena.

Medical experts believe that this might be the first documented case of conjoined triplets, where the fetus was fused in the womb, resulting in the presence of extra limbs. The couple now faces the challenge of ensuring the best possible care for their extraordinary child, with hopes for successful surgical intervention and a healthy future.

Nghia Pham