Vets say that dogs do these during their final moments, and it is heartbreaking…

Vets say that dogs do these during their final moments, and it is heartbreaking…

In her tweet, Jessi Dietrich shared a conversation with her vet, who revealed that when it comes to euthanizing an animal, 90% of owners choose not to be in the room. This revelation shattered hearts, as it highlighted the reality that animals often spend their last moments searching helplessly for their beloved owners.

The Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, echoed similar sentiments in response to Jessi Dietrich’s tweet. Despite the emotional difficulty, the clinic urged pet owners to stay with their animals until the very end.

A weary and broken-hearted vet at the clinic emphasized the importance of not abandoning pets when bringing them in for a humane and pain-free transition. The clinic’s message resonated: “I urge you to stay with them. Do not let them pass from this world in a foreign room, in a place they don’t know. They look for you when you leave them behind, a fact most people don’t understand. They seek their loved ones in every face present. When they are sick, scared, or old, and they need your comfort, they don’t understand why you left. Don’t let fear of your own pain prevent you from being there.”

Dr. Lauren Bugeja, a veterinarian from Melbourne, acknowledges that euthanizing older pets in their homes can be particularly challenging. While it’s understandable that some individuals may find it too distressing to remain in the room, Dr. Bugeja emphasizes that animals generally feel comforted and at peace when their owners are present.

To ensure that pets experience minimal fear or distress during their final moments, Dr. Bugeja emphasizes the importance of speaking to and comforting them alongside a nurse. Leaving a pet alone in an unfamiliar environment, such as a veterinary clinic or consultation room, can increase their anxiety as they are unsure of their surroundings. Dr. Bugeja advises, “For this reason, if you choose to do it at a clinic, I would recommend staying in the room with your pet.”

In these heartbreaking moments, let us remember the immense love and companionship our pets have brought into our lives. By staying with them until the very end, we provide them with comfort, reassurance, and the knowledge that they are not alone. It is a testament to the bond we share and the compassion we have for these remarkable beings who bring us immeasurable joy.

Nghia Pham