When we think of heroes, we often imagine the well-known figures from television. However, heroes are sometimes the least expected individuals.

A 6-year-old boy named Bentley Mehringer proved to be a hero when he saved two girls. Bentley was enjoying a day with his family on their boat at Lake LBJ in Kingsland, Texas. Little did he know that the day would take a dramatic turn.

Bentley was in a booth with his younger cousins when he sensed something unusual. He went out to investigate but was immediately startled by a massive explosion that sent debris and several of his relatives flying through the air.

Despite his young age, Bentley reacted quickly and without hesitation to help his cousins.

“I smelled gasoline. I took a step to follow the smell, and suddenly, there was a huge explosion,” recalls Bentley.

In the chaos that ensued, Bentley’s mother, Breanna Sullivan, couldn’t find him anywhere. She searched for him for a couple of minutes but soon started fearing the worst.

Fortunately, not only had the brave little boy managed to save himself, but he also took his cousins to a safe place before leaving the boat.

“I’m a superhero, Mommy,” Bentley said to his mother.

There’s no doubt that his immense love for his family inspired him. When the worried mother found him, she couldn’t contain her joy.

“Bentley was lying on the ground, injured. He looked at me and asked if he was going to die. I felt terrified. I couldn’t stop crying,” explained Breanna.

It wasn’t until a couple of hours later that the family realized the incredible courage Bentley had shown. From the hospital, his cousins explained that he had saved them.

The price he paid for taking care of his family was a series of burns all over his body. It will take a couple of months for him to fully recover.

“On his face, the burns are second-degree. The burns on his feet are also significant. His left forearm is more severely affected, with third-degree burns,” said his mother.

Bentley is currently recovering in the hospital, but due to isolation measures, he cannot receive visits from his relatives. However, it’s essential that this brave little boy recovers as soon as possible. Saving his cousins in such a difficult moment was a true act of love.

This little hero deserves a lot of love and recognition for his extraordinary act of bravery. Share his story to spread the word.

Nghia Pham