Wiley the Dalmatian: The Heart-Shaped Nose Dog That Stole the Internet’s Heart

Wiley the Dalmatian: The Heart-Shaped Nose Dog That Stole the Internet’s Heart

Wiley, the adorable Dalmatian with a heart-shaped nose, has captured the hearts of people around the world. His unique marking on his nose sets him apart and adds to his charm. When Wiley first arrived in his new home, his owner, Lexi Smith, noticed something special about him, and little did she know that he would become an internet sensation.

Wiley came from a litter of 11 puppies, with 8 of them being boys. While his heart-shaped nose made him stand out, Lexi didn’t choose him solely for his distinctive feature. She was drawn to him because she felt a connection, saying they had “a lot in common.” Lexi humorously mentions that she chose him because the breeder told her he loved to sleep, snuggle, and eat, which aligned with her own preferences.

Living in Colorado, Wiley has ample opportunity to expend his energy and explore the beautiful surroundings. He enjoys going on strolls and visiting the numerous expansive dog parks in the area. As with most Dalmatians, Wiley has a stubborn side and can be mischievous at times. However, Lexi doesn’t let that get her down and feels incredibly blessed to have him as he is not only cute but also a good boy.

Wiley’s desire for attention knows no bounds, and he receives it not only from Lexi and her family but also from his large following on Instagram. With over 130,000 followers on his Instagram account (@hi.wiley), Wiley has become a social media sensation. If you want to witness more of his hearty adventures, you can follow him on Instagram to keep up with his adorable antics. And many cute dog pictures below, wish you all a happy day.

Hoan Le