Woman Abandons Dog in Crate at Dumpsters – Abandoning Him To An Uncertain Fate (VIDEO)

Woman Abandons Dog in Crate at Dumpsters – Abandoning Him To An Uncertain Fate (VIDEO)

The security camera captures a horrifying scene of a woman abandoning a small puppy locked in a cage near the garbage.

Human beings can sometimes be truly cruel. Their actions, accompanied by the indifference with which they carry them out, are truly chilling. Trying to understand how someone can do such a thing thankfully remains a huge mystery to most of us.

And we continue to ask ourselves the same question: How can we look into our puppies’ eyes and then abandon them? There are so many alternative solutions, and no one would point fingers or judge a situation that might prevent someone from taking care of their four-legged friends due to various problems.

However, abandonment is never, ever the conclusion that these puppies deserve in their lives. When we take them in, it’s as if we enter into a silent agreement in which we promise to take care of them forever! A sad and chilling story comes from Georgia, through a security camera footage capturing the woman abandoning the poor puppy locked in a cage.

From the footage retrieved from the security camera, the woman can be clearly seen in her pickup truck, pulling over to stop the vehicle near a waste disposal area. Without even bothering to close the door, probably due to her immense haste, she heads towards the back of the car, looking around guardedly.

Once she opens the vehicle’s tailgate, she takes out a small cage and places it on the ground. At this point, the woman’s intentions become clear as she carelessly drags the structure along the ground. Unfortunately, that cage is not an old piece of iron to be discarded or a container for broken objects; it is a prison for a small puppy who had the misfortune of crossing paths with a woman who apparently considers him no different from any other piece of trash.

The footage from the security camera continues with the puppy managing to free itself and not being able to come to terms with what has happened. It even approaches a car that stopped shortly after, but the couple inside, unaware of the incident, does nothing to help. It will be a few hours before volunteers arrive at the scene to rescue the little one.

Immediately taken to a veterinarian for a check-up, the dog appeared to be severely underweight, but thanks to the necessary care, he recovered remarkably well. As soon as his condition is perfect, he will be ready for adoption, with the certainty that a loving family will take him home with all their hearts.

A woman named Jacquelyn Simone Roberts, 30 years old, has been reported and arrested for animal cruelty and abandonment.

The video that has gone viral around the world has outraged anyone who has watched it. Abandonment is a crime and is punishable by law, but above all, our four-legged friends are not objects to be discarded as if they have no value. They are living beings that experience emotions and entrust their lives into our hands, and we cannot, under any circumstances, let them down.



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