“World’s Sexiest Beauties” Faces Backlash for Bold Fashion Choices

“World’s Sexiest Beauties” Faces Backlash for Bold Fashion Choices

Olivia Culpo, known for her stunning looks and daring fashion sense, has found herself in hot water multiple times due to her preference for bolder clothing.

Renowned for her striking beauty and provocative fashion choices, Olivia Culpo has recently made headlines for being denied boarding a plane due to her revealing and sexy outfit. The incident was captured on video by her sister, Aurora Culpo.

On the 13th of the month, Olivia, along with her sister and boyfriend Christian McCaffrey, was set to fly to Mexico. She wore a black sports bikini top with shorts, complemented by a thin cardigan of the same color. Just before takeoff, an American Airlines staff member approached her and requested that she put on an additional layer, warning that she wouldn’t be allowed on the plane otherwise. Reluctantly, Olivia had to cover up with a long hoodie in order to proceed with the flight. Despite complying, the incident left her and her family frustrated. Public opinion has been divided, with many criticizing her attire and speculating whether it was a publicity stunt.

Sporting such revealing attire on a plane led to a request for more modest clothing if she wished to continue her journey.

One Australian internet user commented on the Daily Mail: “Why would you wear workout or swimwear on an airplane? I don’t understand. It’s not the appropriate place for that.” Another user from Canada named Agatha King remarked, “She lacks class and proper behavior.”

This is not the first time that the self-proclaimed “sexiest beauty in the world” has faced controversy over her clothing choices. Olivia Culpo, born in 1992 in Cranston, Rhode Island, USA to an Italian father and an Icelandic mother, rose to fame after winning the Miss Rhode Island USA contest, subsequently becoming Miss America and later Miss Universe in 2012. Despite her modest height of 1.66m, she boasts a well-proportioned body with impressive measurements, captivating hearts with her exquisite face and vibrant, modern appearance.

Her penchant for excessively sexy attire has led to frequent criticism.

Known for her bold sense of fashion and seductive poses, Olivia frequently embraces a daring style that garners attention. She often shares bikini photos, nude shots, and outfits that incorporate lingerie with mesh or see-through dresses, sometimes opting to forgo a bra. Her penchant for daring dress has stirred up trouble on multiple occasions. Notably, her relationship with ex-boyfriend and rugby player Danny Amendola came to an end after approximately two years of dating.

Whether on the red carpet or in her everyday attire, Olivia remains committed to her audaciously open style.

Of particular note is her affinity for “forgetting” to wear lingerie, a fashion choice that the 29-year-old beauty ardently pursues, despite facing criticism.

Nghia Pham